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Is The Cheaper Price Tag Worth It?

Online and Chain Stores VS Independent Optical Shop

There are many factors that go into making a pair of glasses that will successfully provide you with great and comfortable vision. While it may cost more to purchase your glasses with us, you are receiving the expertise of a trained Optician.  Some of the numerous benefits are listed below:

  •         Accurate measurements for all lens types, especially progressive lenses
  •         Expertise in helping you choose which lens design best fits your lifestyle
  •         Highest quality of materials
  •         Education on your product and how to use it for best vision
  •         Warranties, which are easy to process if needed
  •         Professional assistance choosing frames that fit properly, are comfortable, work with your specific prescription and are stylish
  •         Insurance billing for your frames and lenses when applicable
  •         Assistance and troubleshooting are no charge if you ever have issues with your order
  •         You may use your own personal frames

Our Optical staff

  •         Constantly keeps up with the newest technology lenses so we can offer you the most current options.
  •         Always look-out for the most fashionable and comfortable frames for you to choose.
  •         Will always go above and beyond to make sure you are happy and have great vision in the product you purchase. 


Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping Elsewhere:

  •         Hidden shipping costs
  •         Hassles with returns
  •         Inability to try on the frames (online)
  •         Lenses often glued into frame which makes it impossible to reuse the frame for new lenses
  •         No relationship with an Optician
  •         Glasses may be made with the wrong prescription as they are not verified by an Optician
  •         What happens if they don’t work?
  •         How will you get your measurements?
  •         What sort of quality guarantee do they carry?

Many online stores or big box chain stores purchase discontinued product in bulk and rebrand it under their name.  Not only are you receiving an outdated product, but it makes troubleshooting any issues with your glasses more difficult.  These companies either don’t take your measurements at all (online) or only the bare minimum, which can make you not see well in your glasses or not work at all for you. They will use the cheapest lens materials to keep the cost down but market them to sound like they are just as high quality, but lower cost compared to an independent Optical. In reality, product and quality of lenses between a big box store and an independent optical cannot be compared side-by-side as they would like you to believe. This is much like comparing apples to oranges.

When you put your trust in and purchase your glasses from an independent Optical, you always know what you are getting:  The highest quality and service every time. We stand behind our products and are sure that you will notice the difference in quality, with not only your glasses, but the service as well.

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